Finance your vacation with a personal payday loan

Financing your vacation is sewing and singing if you do it with Good Finance. So if you plan an unforgettable trip in which you do not lack anything, then we tell you how to get a personal payday loan to finance the holidays. Because nobody gives you as many facilities as we do!

Finance your vacation with a personal payday loan thanks to Good Finance

Finance your vacation with a personal loan thanks to Good Finance

All people deserve a vacation, and of course you do too! Don’t keep hitting the “postpone” button because this year is the year, you will finally be able to go on vacation without worrying about money. How? Through financing.

Financing your vacations with Good Finance you will not have to separate money to spend it on a wonderful trip, because if you finance it you will be able to pay it in comfortable monthly installments without your noticing. So you can always adjust it to your needs.

What do you not have 1,000, 2,000 euros or even more to go on a trip? Do not worry. You don’t need to have all that money saved to spend on your vacation. Because we help you get it.

The Good Finance section is what you need!

The Good Finance & nbsp; section is what you need!

If you download the Good Finance app you can not only know the health of your accounts but also save more money month by month. We always give you advice and let you know how your accounts evolve, so that you are aware of everything, without surprises or discoveries.

But in addition, we recently renewed the app by launching the new Finance section. Through this section we offer 3 different financial products: 0% loan, credit card or Amazon gift voucher. But … how to finance a trip through these financial products? Too easy:

  • Loan: If you want to enjoy more than deserved and unforgettable vacation, apply for a loan of the amount you need. You can return it in convenient monthly installments.
  • Credit card: Pay for your trip with the credit card and return the amount of everything you have paid little for little. Without you noticing.
  • 0% Amazon gift voucher: we give you the possibility of financing up to 1,000 euros of purchases on Amazon to return in a matter of months. Because there are also travel packs on Amazon.

To enjoy these financial products that we propose in Good Finance you just need to download the app for your smartphone, connect your accounts and you can start requesting it from the “Finance” section. It is very easy and for everyone!

Which is the best option?

Which is the best option?

With a personal payday loan you will not have to worry about anything, because you can make the trip you want in style. You will simply have to use the Good Finance application and make your request from there.

We offer our customers up to 50,000 euros. The conditions are determined by the FinScore, the higher your score, the better. In addition, we negotiate and compare between different banks to always offer you the lowest possible interest.

Forget about worries, stress, unforeseen expenses … with a personal payday loan for your vacation nothing will stop you. You will have the trip you always dreamed of and without worrying about anything.

In addition, if you start organizing it with time you can take a great price, so you can enjoy even more knowing that you will pay very little.

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