New Loan and Credit already in August

Only a maximum of a few weeks are left to introduce changes to the Youth for Youth program. On Friday, July 10 this year The Senate, without any amendments, adopted an act amending the provisions. We are just waiting for the President’s signature and publication in the Journal of Laws.

At the last meeting, the Senate, without any comments or reservations, adopted the changes proposed by the Sejm regarding the government’s own contribution subsidy program. The next legislative stage is therefore the signing of the bill by the President, which must happen within a maximum of 21 days.

It is true that the head of state

Has the right to refuse to sign regulations or refer an act to the Constitutional Tribunal, but in the case of this act it is difficult to expect a decision other than to sign. Complementing the legislative process will be the publication of new provisions in the Journal of Laws. After 14 days from the announcement of the regulations in the official journal, the new regulations will enter into force.

Therefore, we can expect that the changes will come into force as soon as August 20-25. However, if the President signs the act faster than before the expiry of the maximum 21-day time limit, the new provisions will enter into force even earlier.

For many groups of borrowers, the changes can be revolutionary, and the amendment also opens up a practical opportunity for many people to take advantage of the program. Previous regulations for residents of many regions of Poland prevented the government from taking advantage of the program. The new regulations will allow for obtaining a surcharge, as well as much higher amounts of these payments than currently applicable.

Higher subsidies

The new regulations provide for an increase in the level of subsidies for families with two or more children. Singles and childless marriages will receive 10% of the replacement value of the property as before. Also for families with 1 child, nothing will change – the surcharge will still be 15% of the replacement value.

Families with 2 children will receive 33% higher subsidies, as it will be 20% of the replacement value. People raising at least 3 children can count on even higher subsidies. In their case, the additional payment will constitute 30% of the replacement value.

At the same time, in the case of these families, the maximum area on which surcharges are calculated increases. For families with a minimum of 3 children, it is 65 square meters, with a maximum of 50 meters for other borrowers. This means that families with 3 children will receive up to 160% more subsidies than the amounts paid so far.

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