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Borrow 1000 euros? Where do you go if you want to borrow 1000 euros quickly? Nowadays you can take out a mini loan or a mini loan for this. When borrowing money, most people immediately think of a personal loan or a revolving credit. But these types of loans are for the larger loans. The mini loan is for amounts up to 1000 euros with a short duration.

Direct payday lenders only: we believe in a fair go 

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1000 euros with the mini loan

When borrowing the money you may not immediately think of an amount of up to 1000 euros, but for many people who have to pay a bill as quickly, the 1000 euros loan is a great option. You do not have to borrow 1000 euros when taking out a mini loan. You can already borrow an amount of 50 euros, 100 euros, 200 euros or 500 euros up to a maximum of 1000 euros.

Borrow 1000 euros without a fixed income

If you are going to borrow 1000 euros through a mini loan, you can also do this without a fixed income. Borrowing without a fixed income is also called “borrowing without a wage slip”. You must realize that borrowing money without a fixed income also entails a certain risk. Even though the amount of 1000 euros may not seem very large if you do not have a steady income, paying 1000 euros back in time can be quite a problem.

Borrow 1000 euros online

1000 euros is a considerable amount and you can borrow this with the mini loan. You can arrange the 1000 euro loan application online from behind your computer, tablet or smartphone. You do not have to leave the house for this, you compare the lenders with the conditions that are most favorable to you and then the mini-loan is concluded in no time. After the application, you often have the 1000 euros available within a few hours. And certainly if you are an existing customer with the relevant lender. It is not for nothing that they say: The mini loan is borrowing without hassle and paperwork.

Tips for borrowing 1000 euros

Before you borrow 1000 euros you will have to compare the mini loans. Pay particular attention to the interest, the additional costs and the conditions of the loan. The interest and the additional costs can differ considerably between the different providers of the mini-loans.

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