Save in Summer Using the Credit Card

We Spaniards disburse more than previous months and it is here that experts recommend the use of credit cards to save as long as proper use is made of it.


In the summer holiday season

In the summer holiday season

For this we must have loyalty cards or accumulation of points for travelers that allow to obtain great discounts on flights, accommodations, transport, restaurants, rental cars …

These cards are usually linked to travel insurance that protects us in possible flight delays, lost luggage or any medical coverage we need. That is why it is good to make sure if you have this type of product or not to hire an additional one when you already have one that covers these situations.


Regarding possible losses or theft of the portfolio

lose credit card

In summer it is when they happen most by going to new places, being more relaxed and therefore also having more thieves attentive to tourists who are not from the area. In these cases, be sure to call the bank and cancel all your credit accounts as well as establish your corresponding complaint.

Make sure that to the places you travel, especially if it is abroad, that it is accepted or that you can get cash from any ATM.

If you go on vacation for a long time, download a mobile application to control the movements of your card for any unexpected charges. Or you can also activate the expense notification service so that by means of a text message or an email you will instantly receive the transactions made with the card and check if you have been yourself or someone is using it.

Remember that using the credit card, there are some advantages at the end of the year such as the return of 2% of the amount of purchases made with it.

So you already know all the basic recommendations, set course for your vacation and if you need money for them, do not hesitate to consult all the quick loans that are collected in Ladie Teez.

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