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A former student will create an advanced training center for technical teachers

A former student of the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B), based in Pune, has pledged to set up a learning and teaching center in his alma mater. The center aims to equip IIT-B teachers with the latest teaching techniques suitable for fast-paced learners who have reduced attention span and attitude compared to those who joined IIT many years ago. years.

Pramod Chaudhari, executive chairman of global process solutions company Praj Industries, announced a donation of Rs 2.5 crore to the center on Sunday during the “Day of the Elders” function.

The Center will promote and support the advanced technical education system in the country.

It will also provide support to instructors at all levels, from new faculty members to experts.

“The center will also work with doctoral students, teaching assistants for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as students from the Institute,” IIT-B officials said.

Such technology teacher training centers have already been established by Yale University, MIT and a few other foreign institutions. However, the center proposed at IIT-B would be the first of its kind in India.

The center will use psychologists and subject matter experts for all engineering courses to design the best techniques for improved and effective learning for learners in each branch.

Explaining the challenges of teaching BTech students today, Professor Ravi Sinha, Dean of Alumni Affairs and Head of Civil Engineering Department, said, “The BTech program is becoming more and more advanced and rigorous compared to the one that existed ten years ago. However, the Class 12 curriculum is not revised to the same extent. “

“Also, previously IITs taught basic subjects for the first two years, followed by two years of rigorous curriculum. Now complex subjects are also present in first and second year. But the learners are of the same level. makes our job very difficult, ”says Professor Sinha.

The short attention span of younger children is also a big problem for educators.

“It is no longer possible to keep students engaged any longer due to the low focus time. But we have no predefined method to deal with it, although some of us are trying our own method to increase their focus. Attention span The proposed center aims to help teachers in all these aspects.

The number of first and second year students failing semester exams is drastically high and students often blame it on the rigorous curriculum they are unable to understand.

Dropping out of school is not new to IITs either. In addition, more than 20-25% of IIT graduates fail to find employment through the Campus Placement Campaign due to their low skills.

The crazier we are

The Silver Jubilee Batch (class of 1991) pledged a sum of Rs 8 crore for the legacy project. The money will be used in various projects within the campus.

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