Advanced learning

Advanced Learning Eligibility Decision – Seattle Public Schools

Summary: We assess all K-8 students for advanced learning services.

Advanced Learning Eligibility Decision 2022-23

Seattle Public Schools is committed to ensuring that every student has access to the learning services that help them thrive. This includes changing how we make eligibility decisions for advanced learning services and when we share eligibility information with families.

This year, we used many sources of information to determine eligibility. These included a family/guardian survey, teacher input, grades and standardized test results.

When will you know if your child is eligible for Advanced Learning Services

We are currently assessing all SPS K-8th grade students. This review will determine who is eligible to receive Highly Capable and Advanced Learning Services next school year.

You will receive your student’s eligibility decision by email.

Advanced learning services considered for each student

Very competent (HC): Students work well above grade level. These students have two options:

  • Stay at their current school and receive differentiation within their class Where
  • Start next year at a cohort pathway school. In a cohort track school, students receive an accelerated education with other HC students (a cohort is a group of students).

advanced learner (AL): Students work above grade level. These students show a need for extended learning opportunities within their current school.

Continuous Advanced Learner (CAL): Students were advanced learners last year and will continue as ALs next year.

Not eligible (NE) in this review: either students did not have enough data or their data did not show that they currently needed HC or AL services.

How families can appeal the decision

Families have the opportunity to appeal the decision by Friday, May 20. Each family has 10 days to appeal. Call information will be included in your eligibility letter. You can get more information on the Advanced Learning Calls webpage.