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The declining air quality in India’s capital New Delhi has given rise to many concerns over time. According to the latest WHO list, India has the dubious distinction of being home to 22 of the 50 most polluted cities (source) in the world. Appropriate precautions are needed, especially when we are witnessing such changes. With air pollution at its peak in India, the need right now is to excessively control the damage.

The Indian Medical Association declared a public health emergency, prompting immediate actions such as the closure of schools. The education sector took a hit despite being a key contributor to the country’s GDP at the turn of the century.

Indian schools have open playgrounds with sandboxes, and most classrooms are not subject to any windows or open windows. In addition, AQI (Air Quality Index) levels are higher indoors than outdoors. Keeping up with the pace of modern times has led to the creation of greater volumes of educated individuals. According to studies, it has been proven over time that continuous learning has been a proven tactic to increase information retention and assimilation among Indian students. These standards not being respected, the quality of education is seriously lacking; therefore, it is time to create and provide a dust-proof environment for the Indian education sector.

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The decline in the quality of the Indian education system is mainly due to the lack of smart solutions as well as the increasing cost of their maintenance. However, over time Indian schools have implemented smart solutions such as projectors to provide affordable yet effective education to the masses. 80% of Indian school teachers accepted the smart education system. Recent studies show an alarming amount of dust pollution and as a result, projectors in classrooms have been negatively affected by dust. Proper dust control mechanisms will help maintain the life of the projectors. Without such a mechanism, the maintenance costs will be considerably higher, which will lead to an increase in unnecessary overhead.

In the absence of anti-dust technologies, projector performance might experience the following:

  • Image Blemish-Image Blemish is commonly caused by dust buildup on DLP chips. Due to the accumulation of dust on internal parts and color wheel sensors, there may be deterioration of the picture quality (brightness and color degradation), which may affect the overall experience of the camera. class
  • Thermal issue – In the presence of dust, projectors face thermal surges and cause lag, which could have a huge impact on experience and performance.
  • Overheating – If a certain amount of dust collects in the filter or ventilation system, it will cause a considerable reduction in the airflow of the projectors. Reduced air flow can lead to overheating, equipment malfunction, breakdowns and unwanted maintenance costs
  • Signal detection failure – When dust accumulates on the internal parts of projectors; projection will experience visual delays, flicker and may stop without warning.

These can be avoided in the long term by taking corrective measures. BenQ’s Dust GuardTM series passed tests in a simulated environment with large amounts of fine dust, soot and crushed cotton lint. It filters large amounts of accumulated dust and becomes invulnerable to it. In addition, the optical engine is sealed, which improves the safety of the projector.

The Dustproof solution guarantees optimum reliability and performance by extending the life of the projector, reducing the frequency of maintenance by? and ensure high image quality without color degradation. It also blocks 90% of particles and PM 2.5. The Dust Guard series is also equipped with intelligent ecological technology, further ensuring reliable and environmentally friendly operation in classrooms.

The education sector will continue to grow in the coming years. To ensure that all Indian students receive the best education, it is time to seek relevant solutions so that we can define our path to future success.

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