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Canon Virginia, Inc. Collaboration with Institute for Advanced Learning and Research and Virginia Tech

NEWPORT NEWS, Virginia., August 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Canon Virginia, Inc. (CVI) is pleased to announce a collaboration with the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research (IALR), a local research center and political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia situated in Danville, Virginiawho hired a representative of Virginia Tech’s School of Plant and Environmental Sciences to help with an agricultural plant health monitoring project. CVI uses its patent-pending imaging technology to monitor plant abnormalities and external factors that can inhibit plant life, such as pests, diseases and temperature.

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“Canon Virginia, Inc. has long been a pioneer in imaging technology, so adding its expertise and cutting-edge technology to our research efforts is not only an honor, but will further strengthen our innovation and leadership in agricultural studies in a controlled environment,” said Dr. Scott Lowman, Vice President, Applied Research. “We look forward to working alongside Canon with our other outstanding partner on the Controlled Environment Agriculture Innovation Center, the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in Virginia Tech.

The collaboration started in March 2022 and the project is expected to continue for two years. The purpose of the research is to help discover disease symptoms at an early stage and identify plant health for growers. The protocol involves introducing abnormalities into healthy plants that will ultimately affect the health of the plant. Canon’s imaging technologies will then capture images of the plant’s progress and the effects of abnormalities on plant health. Over time, these images will provide insight into diseases, their symptoms, and help growers identify and address possibilities.

“The collaboration between Canon Virginia, IALR and Virginia Tech is important to CVI to advance the development of a plant monitoring system for use by growers in all areas of agriculture. Our development team will get an overview of Environmentally Controlled Agriculture (CEA) from IALR and Virginia Tech crew. The goal is to use the images acquired by these imaging techniques to detect plant diseases, pests and nutrient deficiencies,” said Benjamin WelchSenior Engineer, Business Development Division, CVI.

“With Canon’s corporate philosophy, Kyosei, “living and working together for the common good”, the collaboration with IALR and Virginia Tech could enable future solutions for monitoring plant health. It’s an example of how CVI combines advanced manufacturing expertise with the resources and technologies of the entire Canon Group,” explains Masato Mori, vice president and general manager of the planning group at CVI. “Understanding the challenges and considering how to engage with clients, clients and research institutions then offer a rare and comprehensive mix of services and knowledge,” he continues.

“Collaborations like this are vital in helping us develop new technologies to feed a growing global population,” said Michael Evans, Director of the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences and co-PI on the research project. “Environmentally controlled agriculture is not only a great way to grow food closer to growing population centers, but it’s also a good economic development tool for Virginia.”

About Canon Virginia, Inc.
Situated in Newport News, Virginia, Canon Virginia, Inc. is Canon’s only manufacturing, engineering, recycling and technical support center in the Americas region. CVI manufactures new products using advanced manufacturing methodologies while also serving as a factory service center offering expert customer service in the repair and refurbishment of Canon products. cannon from Virginia manufacturing services extend to injection mold manufacturing and contract manufacturing services. For more information, call 1-866-99-CANON or visit

About the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research
Situated in Danville, Virginiathe Institute for Advanced Learning and Research (IALR) is a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia which serves as a regional catalyst for economic transformation with applied research, advanced learning, economic development, manufacturing advancement and conference services. IALR’s major footprint focuses on Southern Virginiaincluding the counties of patrick, Henry, franklin, Pittsylvania, Halifax and Mecklenburg with the cities of Martinville and Danville. For more information, visit

About Virginia Technology
Situated in Blacksburg, Virginia, Virginia Tech is a public university that encourages students to dive deep to solve complex problems in all disciplines. In its School of Plant and Environmental Sciences, the college aims to train the next generation of professionals in the fields of plant and agricultural science and technology. In its mission of innovation, the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences provides scientific information to stakeholders to help them feed the world while protecting the environment.

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