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LISBON – The Columbiana County Career and Technical Center’s secondary and adult education programs have made the transition to online learning, with a continued focus on students developing the skills they have acquired. need to get their professional certifications.

At Tuesday’s CCCTC board meeting, Superintendent Chuck Adkins said staff have adapted to working remotely or distancing in this situation.

Assistant Superintendent Jeremy Corbisello said after learning on March 12 the school would close for a few weeks, staff arrived on March 16 and prepared to make the necessary changes to help students continue to learn. Staff continue to meet through Zoom each morning.

“From day one we said students had to come first and our teachers were creative and compassionate. said Corbisello. “They used different platforms… We really try to meet our students where they are.

Corbisello said he has asked teachers to submit a journal to them every Friday in case someone later wonders what lessons are taught, what hours are spent and who attends.

“We have a plan in place … for every program, for every student in the program, how we’re going to help them graduate.” Corbisello said, adding that this could mean students come to complete practical classes in small groups in June if needed.

While some students are unwilling to complete their college work or graduation project, Corbisello said they tell students to make sure they get their degrees they need to participate in both their university and professional courses. If necessary, the CCCTC contacted the students and their parents.

Additionally, Dr Kelly Darney, Director of Adult Education, said the Adult Education program has made a smooth transition to distance learning. The students were already using an online platform, so it was only a question of increasing the number of days of use. An online clinic is also used to provide clinical time for RN students with the current situation.

Graduates are granted a temporary nursing license once they register to take their test so they can immediately start working.

In other matters:

– Council approved new administrative contracts for Sue Allison, three, student services administrator; Kelly Clark, two, adult education nursing coordinator; Kevin Clark, three, Adult Education Student Services Coordinator; Dr Kelly Darney, three, director of adult education; Jacki Fieldhouse, three, adult education nursing coordinator; Curt Kaiser, three, major special education; Carolyn McCune, two, Adult Education Nursing Coordinator, and David Starcher, three, Buildings and Grounds Supervisor.

– Council approved a grant of $ 9,023 for the agricultural program.

– The board approved next year’s adult education schedule starting August 19 if school resumes at that time. In addition, the new LPN-RN manual has been approved.

– The board approved the suspension of staff evaluations for the 2019-2020 school year because not all teachers were observed before the abrupt end of the school year in the classroom.

– The board approved the donation of “real care” baby models in adult education programs from Linda Hostetler of Lafayette, Ga., a former teacher at the CCCTC.

– The sophomore showcase took place before schools closed and Corbisello reported that over 275 students have applied to become juniors at CCCTC next year.

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