Learning center

Center for Teaching and Learning Helps Shawnee State Faculty Succeed

Jan. 16 — PORTSMOUTH — Shawnee State University’s Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) is focused on supporting university professors to achieve their goals and enhance their professional development. Located in the Clark Memorial Library on campus, Christina Baker is the program director.

“The overall goal of the center is to be able to help professors with what they need to better connect with students within their classrooms,” Baker said.

Baker, a 2012 SSU alumnus, is developing curriculum and supporting content for on-campus faculty members, while working closely with Vice Provost Dr. Christine Raber to learn more about the needs of the faculty. Although the TLC focuses on providing faculty members with advanced and effective teaching skills, it also helps current students develop their own skills.

“For students who want to learn how to teach, I’m also helping them by providing the best technology in use right now,” Baker said, noting how this topic has become more relevant in virtual learning throughout COVID. -19. pandemic.

SSU’s TLC offers faculty and students the opportunity to receive resources to help them develop their abilities and skills for career success. These opportunities can be offered online as well as in person.

“We are currently focusing heavily on the J1 program which is used for counseling, course registration and faculty resources,” Baker said.

Hoping to expand the department’s hours in the future, Baker is also looking to create more partnerships with other academic departments on campus.

“I would really like to collaborate more with the Department of Education in the future, because with any degree offered, you have the opportunity to continue teaching in that degree,” she said.

Shawnee State University’s Center for Teaching and Learning recently moved to the ground floor of the Clark Memorial Library in Room 229. Faculty and students can find resources online by visiting www.shawnee. edu/tlc. For more information about the Center for Teaching and Learning, contact Christina Baker at (740) 351-3739 or [email protected]