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Clark Advanced Learning Center teachers celebrate seniors

STUART, Florida – Clark Advanced Learning Center at Stuart surprised his 91 seniors over the past two days.

School staff walked through Martin County handing out their caps, dresses and top badges because they were unable to graduate due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Magalhaes, Monica

Clark Advanced Learning Center director Debbie Kohuth said they were celebrating their elders who had such a different end to the year.

“Also, I put a custom garden stake, so we’re going to do some kind of surprise visit to celebrate them,” said assistant manager Leslie Judd.

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It was a surprise to all the seniors across the county.

“It means a lot to me, of course, because you know my last year was a little bit crazy,” said Skyler, senior at the Clark Advanced Learning Center.

The principal and deputy principal stressed that they want to make sure that seniors recognize that the school is there for them and are excited about their graduation.

“It’s the nicest thing I could ever ask for a degree. It seemed sad we couldn’t get one, but it’s beyond anything I could have asked for. “said Liz, a senior at the Clark Advanced Learning Center.

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