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Code Wiz Afterschool Learning Center opens location in Jersey City, NJ

WESTFORD, Mass., 23 october 2019 / PRNewswire / – Code Wiz, the award-winning after-school learning center designed to inspire the next generation of coding assistants, today announced the opening of its brand new location at Jersey City, New Jersey. “We are excited to bring Code Wiz to Jersey City,” noted Ruth agbaji, Founder and CEO of Code Wiz (https://thecodewiz.com/jerseycity-nj/). “From the moment our doors opened on October 5, we’ve had positive feedback and a wave of support. “

Evan and Kate Gilbert run the Code Wiz franchise, located at 357 3rd Street. Kate is a Bergen County native, but the couple met at the College of the holy cross in Worcester, Mass. Their combined interests in coding, technology, finance and entrepreneurship made Code Wiz their preferred choice for a family franchise. “We have two young children and were looking for a company that matched our values ​​and aspirations,” said Kate.

Jersey City was also a natural fit for the Gilbert people. “It’s the best of both worlds,” Kate said. “Jersey city has the vibrancy of a metropolis with the sense of community you would find in a small town. “She appreciates the opportunity to walk around town and the encouragement they’ve received from neighboring businesses.” We see Code Wiz as an opportunity to pay it forward, not only to deliver engaging programming for kids, but to become a gathering place for community members. Code Wiz Jersey City will be hosting parent nights, “Sip and Learn” nights for adults, and weeklong camps during school vacations and summers.

Code Wiz Jersey City’s tech-themed light-up learning center features six technical tracks tailored to each child’s interests and abilities. “Some kids love our game programming, 3D printing, and robotic journeys, while others prefer electronics or direct coding,” Kate said. Code Wiz offers monthly subscriptions and offers small staff-to-student ratios. “We have something for every kid, whether they’re in elementary school, middle school or high school,” Kate said.

For more information on Code Wiz Jersey City or to sign up for a free introductory course, visit https://thecodewiz.com/jerseycity-nj/.

About Code Wiz Jersey City

Code Wiz offers a coding and robotics course that allows each child to work at their own pace and achieve mastery. Code Wiz franchisees Evan and Kate Gilbert can speak authoritatively about ways to successfully develop children’s interest in technology.

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