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Computer Design Research and Learning Center (CDRLC)

The University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) recently hosted a groundbreaking event for its new $ 117.8 million Computer Design Research and Learning Center (CDRLC) to be located at 900 W. Taylor St. near UIC’s Memorial Grove.

The new structure of the 135,000 square foot Multi-Purpose Computer Design Research and Learning Center (CDRLC) is to be merged with the already existing fragmented computer science department at the College of Engineering in a new property, and will be also located in conjunction with a large cluster of university classes. The CDRLC is the third university building to be constructed in recent years, on the east side of the UIC campus. It is also a major upgrade of the university’s facilities, which will ensure the provision of collaborative teaching and learning spaces, in the same way 16,000 sq. Ft. Of classroom space, which is needed to accommodate the growing undergraduate population, due to the increase in computer science enrollment.

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The Center for Research and Learning in Computer Design (CDRLC) includes 35 laboratories for engineering fields, a 1,200 sq. Ft. Robotics laboratory and also includes space for university research in computer science. The facility will include collaborative teaching and learning spaces, 15 classrooms, an undergraduate learning and community center, student affairs offices, a flexible event hall, auditorium and atrium. five-storey, lit by daylight will also be part of the new building. In addition, the construction plan also includes an electronic visualization laboratory and a new geothermal farm under Memorial Grove, which will provide heating and air conditioning for the installation, and also allow the University to achieve LEED Gold certification. The CDRLC construction project is due to be completed in 2023.

At the dedication ceremony on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago, UIC Chancellor Michael Amiridis admitted that the University had come to a point where it was forced to impose restrictions on the continued growth of the computer science department because there was not enough to accommodate students or faculty, and he also expressed his gratitude to the governor for the support he gave to the higher education in the past two years.

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