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Confidence Learning Center, Employment Firms Receive Grant for New Program

At Sourcewell’s annual nonprofit funding review day last week, the Initiative Foundation was able to provide additional funding to Employment Enterprises and Confidence Learning Center.

The Funding Review Day at Sourcewell allows nonprofits and government agencies to work together on how to pitch their projects to impact communities.

Confidence Learning Center in Brainerd provides outdoor and recreational opportunities for people with developmental and cognitive disabilities, and Employment Enterprises is a Little Falls group that helps adults with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses. The two groups have teamed up to help build confidence and professional skills. To their amazement, after pitching their ideas, the two organizations were among several that secured funding for their program.

Together, the two groups were one of four entities funded by Sourcewell and received additional funding from the Foundation Initiative. It was a way to serve rural Minnesota and have local foundations serving local communities.

This fund will now give them the ability to set up programs that never existed in the past, while changing lives in the future.

It was not an easy process for all the many other candidates who applied. Over 70 letters of request were submitted. The Initiative Foundation limited research to who would be allowed to apply for program funding grants.

This specific app that came by Employment Enterprises and Camp Confidential Learning Center came as a surprise. They had no idea they were being considered for the grant, but the Foundation Initiative used the Sourcwells application process. Using their help would save time and administrative burden.

In total, there were 15 organizations in 14 counties, but Confidence Learning Center was the first to receive a well-deserved and generous donation to continue investing in lives.

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