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Experiential learning center opens in the library

Derran Reese, Senior Director of Experiential Learning and Assistant Professor in the Department of the Bible, Missions and Ministry.

The Center for Careers and Experiential Learning was added to the Brown Library to include the Career Center, Study Abroad, Undergraduate Research, and the Halbert Institute for Missions and Global Service.

The Career and Experiential Learning Center is located in the front left entrance of the library. It will be a central location on campus for students to access experiential learning opportunities from four different offices. The center will be a resource not only for students, but also for teachers, to integrate into their programs and private lessons.

Derran Reese was appointed the first Director of Experiential Learning and officially assumed this role on July 22. Reese is also an Assistant Professor in the Bible, Missions, and Ministry Department. Prior to his appointment as director of experiential learning, Reese worked full time in the Bible department in 2006-08, then left ACU for a few years to pursue missionary work in Thailand with his family. . Upon his return, he worked as an assistant professor of missions.

“I think this will be a great opportunity for students to explore different ways to gain these types of real-world experiences and help them through their academic careers with enhanced learning, but also as they go. that they are moving towards a career and a calling, to help equip them for that, ”said Reese.

The Center for Careers and Experiential Learning was a recommendation of the Experiential Learning Working Group, which was established by Dr Phil Schubert, President of ACU, and the team of leadership (SLT) as part of ACU’s strategic vision in 2017. Phase of the Experiential Learning Working Group report, the goal is to embrace these experiential learning initiatives and achieve 50% or more attendance, campus-wide, in each category.

Dodd Roberts, director of the Halbert Institute for Missions and Global Service, said the mission center will not be relocating its offices, but will instead provide a representative presence in the new library center.

“There will always be separate units, but we will be in the same space because what we all share in common is experiential learning and the different aspects of experiential learning,” said Roberts. . “So it will be a kind of one-stop-shop for students interested in assignments, study abroad, undergraduate research or career and internship opportunities. The center will be a great opportunity for students to come and find out, for example, “Am I interested in study abroad or assignments or both?” And we hope a lot of students will say, “Both.”

The Center for Careers and Experiential Learning is currently working to assess past successes and improvements in different areas. In addition to working with the faculty to establish new opportunities for integration into the center.

“This center offers students the opportunity to apply the knowledge and content they learn in the classroom, and then apply it to real-life situations, in different contexts and contexts,” Reese said. “But more than that to be able to meet unforeseen challenges and new perspectives. And these types of experiences enhance learning in ways that are even difficult to measure. “

Reese said the new move is aimed at providing students with better access to these offices and he hopes students will feel welcome to come and ask questions as they seek opportunities to engage in learning by doing. experience.

“There are so many great things happening on campus and experiential learning touches so many different areas across all colleges and departments, so many different programs and entities on campus, that the challenge is to understand all of this, ”Reese said. “So to be able to have a perspective on everything that is going on, so that as we move forward, we can make decisions that will build on these great successes that are happening.”

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