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Florida Southern dedicates early childhood learning center

LAKELAND, Florida – Florida Southern College dedicated its latest project, the Carol Jenkins Barnett Center for Early Childhood Learning and Health and the Lamar Louise Curry Education Center, on Friday afternoon.

  • The Curry Education Center will house the school of education
  • The Barnett Center will house a community resource studio
  • Students, teachers will move in by the end of the semester

“Since I arrived in first year, I have been looking forward to the opening of this building because it is so modern and technologically advanced and it is something that will really benefit me in the future,” said Allison Tracey, majoring in elementary education.

With the move and expansion of the college’s kindergarten into the new building, it will provide more opportunities for students like Tracey to interact with children.

“I want to learn more about the warning signs I can look for in college students, such as the different warning signs of dyslexia,” Tracey explained.

One of the highlights of the new facility is that it will focus on studying the impact of children’s health on their learning.

“This is a vibrant national model that combines the factors of health and learning,” said Dr. Tracey Tedder, Dean of Education. “It will create a unique interdisciplinary program that will focus on preparing pre-licensure teachers and pre-licensure nurses with factors and indicators that inhibit learning so they can be prepared.” ”

The new facility is also home to a new community resource studio where parents can take their children for physicals and attend parenting workshops.

Seminars related to health and learning will also be organized there.

“At the end of the day, do we want to see if any of this has an impact on Polk County?” explained Dr. Linda Comer, Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences. “Have we improved children’s nutrition? Do we have better detection, earlier detection of problems, maybe hearing problems? Vision problems? ”

“The potential impact of the Carol Jenkins Barnett Center for Early Childhood Learning and Health is limitless, and we are excited by the countless children and their families whose lives will be transformed at this facility,” said Florida Southern President, Dr Anne Kerr at the dedication ceremony.

Students and faculty plan to move in by the end of the semester.

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