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Guthrie opens a new “Foundations Early Learning Center” in Sayre

SAYRE, Pa. (WETM) – On July 28, Guthrie opened his new “Foundations Early Learning Center” in Sayre.

According to Guthrie, the daycare will offer “not only an exceptional early childhood experience, but also a basis for success that will accompany children through kindergarten to grade 12”.

Guthrie and state officials were on hand to illustrate how this new facility will provide another option for child care professionals and parents.

Frank Pinkosky, executive director of community projects at the Foundations Early Learning Center, said he hopes this center will raise the bar for early childhood education in the community. The center will mainly focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) education.

“The data proves that children who are ahead of the curve, who do well in early childhood education, are likely to graduate from high school, college and post-graduate school, and take on essential roles in the community, ”said Pinkosky. .

For Pinkosky, he wants those who grow up here to come back and strengthen the local community.

“I mentioned that this project is a cornerstone project for what we call a Sayre revitalization initiative,” Pinkosky said. “It’s really becoming a vibrant community and having all the resources in place where families want to live, have careers, socialize, play and have fun in this area. So we think the launch of this early childhood learning center is a cornerstone for that.

Gregg Tweedy, a parent who recently moved to Sayre from the Syracuse area, said these are the people who make a great child care and health care facility. He referred to the Golisano Northern State Children’s Hospital and how Guthrie has similarities in their operation.

“It was the doctors who made this place [Golisano] popular, ”Tweedy said. “They went to school there and learned to love the community. They stayed. They weren’t recruited from the big hospitals in the big cities because they felt comfortable. I think the roadmap that Sayre and Guthrie are making is exactly the right fit in making this place as special as I think it can be.

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