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Honey Grove Library & Learning Center Receives Dollar General Literacy Foundation Grant

Honey Grove, Texas – June 2022 – The Dollar General Literacy Foundation recently awarded Honey Grove Library & Learning Center a $9,500 grant to support adult literacy. This local grant is part of the Dollar General Literacy Foundation’s recent $10.5 million donation to support summer, family and adult literacy programs, representing the largest one-day grant donation ever. of the organization in 29 years of history.

“We are honored to receive this generous support from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation,” said Mitzi Sherwood, director of the Honey Grove Library and Learning Center. “We will use these funds to support literacy programs for adult members of our community.”

In the past, Honey Grove Library’s adult literacy initiatives have included English as a second language, adult basic education, and technology classes. The grant will help strengthen existing programs and expand programs to meet the needs of adults in the community.

“For nearly 30 years, the Dollar General Literacy Foundation has proudly invested in literacy and education programs in our local communities,” said Denine Torr, CEO of the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. “Recent and significant changes in the educational landscape have made the Foundation’s mission more important. As we work to create access to high-quality education for all individuals, we share our gratitude to educators who work to uplift and empowering others.We hope these funds will have a meaningful impact on students and teachers across the country and we look forward to seeing the positive impact they have on learners.

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation supports organizations that improve access to educational programs, stimulate and enable innovation in the delivery of educational instruction, and inspire a love of reading. Each year, the Dollar General Literacy Foundation awards funds to nonprofit organizations, schools, and libraries within 15 miles of a Dollar General store or distribution center to support literacy programs adults, families, summer and youth.

The Foundation also offers a student referral program for those interested in learning to read, speak English, or preparing for the high school equivalency exam. Referrals to a local organization that provides free literacy services are available online here or via referral cards found in the Learn to Read brochures that are available at the cash register of every Dollar General store.

About the Honey Grove Library and Learning Center

The mission of the Honey Grove Library Learning Center is to enrich the lives of our citizens by providing educational, technological, cultural and recreational information and programs; to provide spaces where members of our community can congregate, interact and participate in programs and events of public benefit, study and enjoyment; and to work with local school districts and other community organizations.

About the Dollar General Literacy Foundation

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation is proud to support initiatives that help others improve their lives through literacy and education. Since 1993, the Foundation has awarded more than $216 million in grants, helping more than 15.4 million people take their first steps toward literacy, a general education degree, or English fluency. Cal Turner, Jr. founded the Dollar General Literacy Foundation in honor of his grandfather and Dollar General co-founder JL Turner, who was functionally illiterate after dropping out of school in the third grade to support his family. The Foundation aims to provide support to schools, libraries and non-profit organizations seeking to improve adult, summer, youth and family literacy initiatives. To learn more about the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, visit www.dgliteracy.org.