Enhanced learning

Improved learning credits for the British armed forces

Flying Fish provides ELCAS approved training courses, which are eligible for funding under the Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) program.

ELC is a UK government initiative to fund on-the-job training and relocation of armed forces personnel for the transition to civilian life after a military career.

ELC applies to courses which are at level 3 or above the UK National Qualification Framework (NQF).

Yachtmaster Ocean course with ELC funding:

Accumulation of eligible service

ELC grants are available to UK Armed Forces personnel at two levels:

You must have four years of qualifying service to claim the lower tier (80% of fees, up to a maximum of £ 1,000 per claim bracket) and eight years of qualifying service to claim the next tier (80% of fees, up to a maximum of £ 2,000 per claim installment).

A maximum of three complaints

Each eligible applicant can submit a total of three applications. These can include complaints in the lower and upper levels, but should not exceed three complaints in total.

Only one claim can be made for learning activities starting in the same fiscal year.

How to claim enhanced learning credits

All details of the application process are described on the ELCAS website.

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