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Innovative MyCarrier Training Center Drives Adoption of Sales Leadership Platform

Averitt Express, Saia, Old Dominion Freight Lines and Roadrunner Freight are some of the carriers that have used specialized training so far. Over the next few months, the use of the learning center will expand to several other transportation companies, including Ward Transport & Logistics and others.

So far, nearly 1,000 sales representatives have completed the training and it is expected that by the end of the year, more than 3,000 will have obtained certificates of completion.

The Learning Center program was created to help sales reps bring shippers to the MyCarrier platform and, so far, has been very successful. According to Rogers Luna, vice president of sales at Averitt Express, the learning center has made a quantifiable contribution to the adoption of the platform. “We have seen the adoption of the platform double since our sales reps started using the learning center. It is a very valuable resource. “

Luna also acknowledges that the learning center has optimized and accelerated the training process. “This is the # 1 training tool for our sales people right now,” he said. “In addition to the live learning sessions, representatives can visit the center through the cargo management app at any time to get training and get the collateral they need to get customers on board. It really changed the game. Luna continued, “The integration training that used to take months, now only takes weeks.”

According to Bill Ward Jr., President of Ward Transport & Logistics, the learning center has brought substantial value to the business organization of the company. “The ease of integrating our customers with a digital shipping platform through MyCarrier has been well received by customers at Ward,” said Ward. “In addition, the team [and learning center] at MyCarrier is great at teaching the Ward team about the product and how to sell it. “

CEO of MyCarrier, Mike Bookout, is excited about the future of the learning center. “We have seen impressive results so far and as more of our white label partners complete the course, we expect other carriers to experience the same high level of success,” said Bookout. “We are pleased to offer a resource that increases adoption of the platform and we are delighted that operators are responding so well to this online resource. “

According to Tommy barnes, MyCarrier CRO and former president of project44: “There is no such thing. The Learning Center is increasing sales growth among MyCarrier white label partners faster than we anticipated. carriers will request this tool in the future. ”

For more information on the MyCarrier Learning Center or the company in general, visit mycarrier.io

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