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KPMG’s Lakehouse Learning Center to Open in 2020

Big Four company KPMG has announced that its long-awaited learning and development center, now dubbed “KPMG Lakehouse”, is scheduled to open in January 2020.

In its first year, the Orlando, Florida center is expected to accommodate 32,000 KPMG staff on its 55-acre campus with “over a million hours of in-person professional development,” according to the company. The $ 450 million facility is located in Orlando’s Lake Nona neighborhood, five miles from the Orlando International Airport.

“KPMG Lakehouse will be a place to foster peer-to-peer relationships, strengthen our strong culture and heritage, and enhance our ability to provide innovative, high-quality service to our clients,” said Lynne Doughtie, President and CEO of KPMG US . “The Lakehouse is a key part of our ever-evolving learning and development strategy.

The Lakehouse will offer both in-person and digital lessons, with up to 800 KPMG partners and professionals teaching each week at the center. Special mobile apps will also be available, providing students with course registration, schedules, dining and exercise options, as well as the ability to connect with other professionals on campus.

“Figuratively and literally, we put the learner at the center,” Corey Munoz, KPMG’s chief learning officer in the United States, said in a statement. “We design learning experiences to fully engage our professionals and create an environment that will support their active exploration of new ideas. “

The Lakehouse campus will feature 800 single rooms, 90 learning and innovation spaces, a 1,000-seat meeting room and an ignition center, a meeting place for professionals to “explore potential disruptors, newcomers. revolutionary business models and solutions, ”according to the firm. The campus also has several dining halls, a social venue, and fitness facilities.

The Big Four member company Deloitte opened its similar-themed learning complex at Deloitte University in Westlake, TX in 2011.

For more information on KPMG Lakehouse, visit KPMG’s site here.