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Little Mavs Learning Center opens applications for summer and fall semesters

Improved facilities and expanded offerings promise quality child care for students, employees and the community

Grand Junction – On March 1, 2019, CMU’s expanded daycare will be accepting applications for the 2019 summer and fall terms. As a result of the expansion, CMU is taking on additional children, including for the first time, infants. “Helping students and staff enrich their family life while serving the mission of higher education is the primary raison d’être of CMU Daycare,” said CMU President Tim Foster. “In the future, expanded childcare services on campus should result in fewer parents working at CMU to fill childcare spaces elsewhere in the community.”

On December 14, 2018, the Buell Foundation approved a grant to the CMU Foundation that expanded infant and child support programs at CMU. The additional infant and toddler locations, created in part from the expansion, will be opened to meet the childcare needs of the community once the needs of students and staff are met.

CMU graduate and current CMU employee Carley Maher encourages students and staff to consider the campus child care program as an option.

“The staff at Little Mavs make the work-life balance that we all strive for a little easier to achieve,” said Maher. “The location on campus and the wonderful staff and facilities allow me to continue my career knowing that my little Mav is learning nearby.”

Cindy Lawton, Director of Little Mavs, announced that “in addition to child care, we also have expanded options for school-aged children. we recognize that the CMU family is large, diverse and represents people at all stages of life. We want to offer services that meet as many of these needs as possible. The new capacity that we have created is exceptional in this regard.

Students, faculty, staff, and community members interested in applying should visit the Little Mavs website. Parents whose children are currently enrolled must also complete an application for Summer and / or Fall 2019 for review.

Applications are also available at the center located at 1704 N 8th Street in Grand Junction. Applications should be submitted by April 12 for priority review. The slots will be occupied by students first, and any remaining slots will be occupied by faculty / staff and the community, in that order. The Center will continue to receive requests on an ongoing basis. Parents are encouraged to apply early as schedules are subject to change until placements are made at the end of April. Applications are accepted for all age groups for the summer 2019 and / or fall 2019 terms.

Parents are encouraged to call 970.248.1318 for more information.


Written by David Ludlam

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