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Online Learning Center offers free training on non-commercial conveyor operation and safety

Jhe global leader in conveyor accessories and bulk material handling solutions has launched a comprehensive digital educational resource for conveyor operation and safety. The Foundations™ online learning center draws on the collective knowledge and expertise accumulated over nearly 80 years to solve bulk handling problems. Intended for both apprentice technicians and experienced engineers, non-commercial information is offered free of charge and can be accessed on computer, tablet or smartphone. An extension of the Foundations training program, the Learning Center uses a mix of text, photos, videos, webinars, online events and live experts available to answer questions. The result is a one-stop central hub for industry professionals of all knowledge levels to use as a resource to build an in-depth understanding of material flow and the safe and efficient operation of conveyors.

Safety Book and Foundations

“Not everyone learns by reading a manual or attending a lecture, so we created the Learning Center as the place to go for all things conveyor and bulk handling for all types of materials. ‘learners,’ said Jerad Heitzler, foundation training manager and curator of the Center for Learning. “Technology allows us to accommodate different learning styles by providing multiple paths to the same knowledge. The Center is designed in categories to provide easy access to resources and organized in such a way that people can quickly find what they need. »

The Learning Center is an online portal where plant operators, managers and supervisors can send members of their teams to deepen their understanding of all aspects of conveyor operation and safety practices. The platform offers visitors immediate applicable and exploitable solutions, regardless of the equipment manufacturer. It is also a place to learn about the latest technologies, techniques and compliance measures.

Drawing on its comprehensive training resources Foundations, The Practical Resource for Cleaner, Safer, More Productive Dust & Material Control and Foundations for Conveyor Safety, the Learning Center draws on decades of knowledge from the highly experienced team of engineers and Martin field technicians in every corner of the bulk materials handling industry. To begin with, the creators focused on the basics of conveyor operation and safety, with more advanced topics being added regularly.

Learning Center resources complement and enhance Martin Engineering’s extensive Foundations training program. The in-person training program combines the hands-on instruction and personal attention found in a classroom with learning center technology, textbook, and comprehension testing.

MEIS 2022

The Learning Center modules are divided into 9 categories:

  1. Return of material and cleaning of the belt
  2. Dust management
  3. material spill
  4. Belt Conveyor Safety
  5. Conveyor belt and component damage
  6. Poor conveyor belt tracking
  7. Material flow issues
  8. Conveyor Belt System Maintenance
  9. Basics of Conveyor Belt Systems

Once the category is chosen, the learner is greeted with the main issues related to the module and examples of best practice. Video previews are immediately available to introduce the topic. The navigation bar on the right of each module page provides a detailed overview of the topic from start to finish with textual information, topical webinars, videos and related articles.

“Our goal is comprehension and retention,” Heitzler emphasized. “Visitors can be pressed for time or distracted. While an experienced live instructor can see this and overcome it in a face-to-face training session, online learning is a different animal. So, by providing visitors with learning options and ways to break down information rather than hours of reading or lengthy videos, we are able to better engage them, improving their experience and learning.

Once the learning center has been fully explored, users should have the basics necessary to use conveyor belts safely and efficiently. If managers wish, they can direct their employees to the learning center for professional development credits toward certification to become maintenance technicians, operators, foremen, millwrights/fitters, etc.

Feedback from people who have already used the Learning Center has been excellent. Users find it informative, easy to use, engaging, and an overall enjoyable experience. Managers and supervisors say they like having a reliable, cost-effective source for quick, unbiased information.

“Of course, there is no substitute for hands-on training and on-the-job experience, which is why the training system is called Foundations,” Heitzler said. “We provide the foundational knowledge needed to work safely and efficiently on a platform they can easily access when they need it.”