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Raffle helps fund children’s learning center | Characteristics

Help Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School raise funds for their new learning center for a chance to win a 2022 Ford Maverick truck by participating in a mega raffle on December 1st.

Glendale School provides students with a comprehensive education that incorporates lessons in Catholic spirituality. Bruno Jimenez, involved in the school, said the parish was doing its best to provide for the children, but needed the community’s help to serve the children better.

“It is not a very wealthy region,” he said. “It’s a poor community. These children are underserved, we just don’t have the facilities. It’s kindergarten to eighth grade, but we don’t really have the resources to provide them with a proper education.

To change this, Notre-Dame du Perpétuel Secours is raising funds to build a new learning center at the school. Jimenez said the idea came from Father Ernesto Reynoso over two years ago, but fell through when COVID-19 hit. Now he tries again and hopes to innovate in December.

“Our teachers and staff work hard every year to ensure that our underserved students are provided with opportunities that help them develop important life skills such as integrity, moral values, innovation, problem solving and rational thinking, ”Reynoso said in a statement. “This year, we begin construction of a 10,000 square foot innovation center that will provide our 332 students with the opportunity to have future opportunities in the growing innovation market.

Completion of the center is estimated at $ 2.5 million. According to Jimenez, Shea Homes has partnered with the school and will provide the bulk of the funds. The only stipulation of the company was that the parish had to raise $ 500,000 to show that it had “the skin in the game”, as Jimenez put it. To raise funds, he holds a raffle with 100 items, with a 2022 Ford Maverick XL as the biggest prize.

“There’s a two day vacation at Rocky Point, a two day stay here in a cabin, an outdoor sound system, headphones, watches, an iPhone, a PlayStation 5, an outdoor heater, a lot of that kind of stuff. things. Then we also have jewelry, ”Jimenez said.

Other items include a 65-inch smart TV, iPad, Chromebook, luggage set, fire pit, cookware, and more. Jimenez said one of the few items the parish had to purchase was the truck, and most of the other items were donated or sponsored by community partners.

“Walmart came in and actually gave us a grant to help us out and buy some of the prizes,” he said. “We also had other people like Phoenix Mercury, the Suns organization, who contributed. Some of the Walmarts actually contributed with a gift certificate and school supplies. So we received a lot of help from the community.

All proceeds from the raffle tickets will go to the Learning Center. Jimenez said the hope is that the center will be completed in about a year. He is excited about the opportunities it will offer students.

The center will have four sections for art, music, STEM, and a library. Jimenez said it was important for Reynoso’s father to include STEM to ensure students have the right knowledge as the world becomes more innovative and technologically advanced. But the school teaches more than what is in the textbooks.

“The father also wants to teach them about the world,” Jimenez said. “The center is just to help kids grow into adults and understand not just technology, but things like integrity, honesty and those kinds of things that schools don’t necessarily teach.”

Raffle tickets cost $ 100 and can be purchased online at olphglendale.com or by phone at 623-939-9785. Jimenez said anyone can donate online without participating in the raffle, but to be sure to clarify that the donation is specifically for the school.