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Reagan Elementary reopens as Hartford’s professional learning center | KTAB

ABILENE Texas (KTAB/KRBC)- The closure of Reagan Elementary after the 2020-21 school year made way for the Hartford Center for Professional Learning. A campus now dedicated to the education and training of Abilene ISD teachers and professors.

Former Reagan Elementary Principal and current AISD Curriculum Associate Superintendent Dr. Ketta Garduno says a dedicated teacher training facility is common in other school districts the size of of Abilene.

“For the summer courses, we had to use older buildings. Having to use off-district facilities or use a variety of rooms on campuses. Garduno said.

Thus, hallways, gymnasiums and classrooms have been redesigned into a professional learning center. Technology and furniture from these rooms are also reused, sourced from other campuses such as ATEMS.

“The key for our children to succeed in the classroom is to provide quality teachers and this will support those teachers so that they can support our children,” says Garduno.

But the campus was built to be adaptable. It will also be the site of the future UIL competition and various other staff and student activities.

Building 1 on campus now houses the AISD Homeless Outreach Program. Which used to be in the basement of the administration building.

Program Director Darrin Cox says their new location and the extra space has greatly improved their operations.

“You don’t have to register with anyone, but us, it’s direct contact with the public… Also the speed at which I can see more children now because it doesn’t doesn’t take me that long.” said Cox.

And the renovations were taken care of in-house according to Garduno.

“So our own painters, our own maintenance staff gave their time. In an effort to keep the cost low and the quality high. Garduno said.

Some faculty development courses have already started. The homeless outreach program is also fully functional and can be contacted at 325-677-1444