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Spotlight on Small Business: A Better Center for Learning | Connecticut News

WEST HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – This week’s back-to-school edition of Small Business Spotlight is heading to West Hartford to register with the Better Learning Center.

As the children return to school, this might be a good time to think about a tutor and who better than the teachers to help the students.

Brandon Nowakowski and Sandi Smith are both certified teachers and have just opened the Better Learning Center in West Hartford.

“We are an individual tutoring company. We really focus on the student as an individual, and we really want to prepare them for success in any way, ”Nowakowski said.

They offer one-on-one virtual options, but say the demand for in-person learning is there, and they say it’s safe.

“We put the plastic barriers in place, we disinfect after each student, we have an airflow, we can open the windows, we really think we can provide a safe environment for the students. And again, because this ‘It’s one-on-one we don’t have a ton of students so really we’re 3 feet apart, potentially 6 feet apart, so it’s a safe setting, ”Nowakowski said.

Between Nowakowski and Smith, they can cover a wide range of topics for virtually any age.

“So my training in special education, I worked with kindergarten, made intervention in reading and writing, I also worked with disabled adults. We both worked a lot with high school students and even early in college, ”Smith said.

Smith’s workspace is bright, visual and interactive.

“It’s designed primarily for small children, I work with students of all ages, but it’s primarily designed for reading intervention,” Smith said.

“Mathematics, I can do chemistry, physics and I can also help history students,” Nowakowski said.

But the real goal is to create more independent learners.

“We are really trying to help students learn to be independent students, so even though it is totally foreign to us, we can probably at least help them understand how to self-study and work on these independent skills,” he said. Smith said.

They offer free consultations and say they are already hoping to grow their business.

“As a result of the pandemic we’re going to see a lot of these learning gaps last, I don’t know, a decade or so, so as much as we can minimize them, I think that would be a measure of success for us, and we’re really open to hiring more people as we grow, but we don’t want to compromise our services at all because of it, ”they added.

At the end of the day, they just want to teach.

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