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Sylmar Wildlife Learning Center Celebrates First-Ever Birth of Baby Two-Toed Sloth

A baby two-toed sloth has been born at Sylmar’s Wildlife Learning Center, the first to be born at the animal sanctuary.


(credit: Wildlife Learning Center)

The male baby was born to mum Pauley, 6, and dad Sid, the couple’s first child. The yet-to-be-named baby sloth was born on April 27 and was quite a large newborn after weighing about a pound, according to the Wildlife Learning Center.

“This is a very exciting birth for the Wildlife Learning Center,” David Riherd, founder and executive director, said in a statement. “We are working on setting up a webcam to monitor Pauley and the baby and hopefully the public can get a glimpse of their lives.”

The gestation period for two-toed sloths is 10 months, and after birth the baby clings to the mother for around 6 months until it begins to occasionally move around on its own, the Wildlife said. Learning Center. The baby will suckle from mom, but she produces it on demand and does not store milk.

The sloths are not currently endangered, but are threatened by the loss of rainforest habitat. They have a low reproductive rate, so recovery is slow when the sloth population dwindles.

The Wildlife Learning Center participates in a species survival plan for two-toed sloths. The current two-toed zoological population is 127, but the goal is to reach 150, the center said.

“Breeding is one of the best indicators of positive well-being, so this birth indicates that our sloths are living stress-free lives with superb well-being,” Riherd said.